If life is in danger call Triple Zero 000
If life is in danger call Triple Zero 000

Workplace training

With safety front of mind, we support a range of organisations with effective, accessible training programs that build resilience, raise awareness and enhance skills in mental health, suicide prevention, crisis support, and domestic and family violence.

Managing employee mental health and wellness through training
increases employee engagement, creativity, innovation and productivity,
and helps keep our communities safe. 

Training that meets your needs 

The world of work is constantly changing. Combined with the many pressures people are facing, equipping team members and leadership teams to be empathetic and aware of signs of crisis is vital for the wellbeing of employees, volunteers, clients and customers.  


Our virtual and face-to-face courses provide proactive, skills-based training to keep people and their organisations mentally healthy, with the integrity of delivery and duty of care we’re known for.  


Drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience, we provide a range of established training courses, such as Accidental Counsellor and DV-alert, and can work with you to develop customised training programs. 


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Training that makes a difference






Our training combines evidence-informed, interactive and thought-provoking learning experiences with skilled delivery
that is built on our decades of experience as a leading provider in the mental health and community sectors.

Training in demand 

Our Accidental Counsellor training is the program for which we experience the highest demand.

Underpinned by peer support principles, this four-hour training course is aimed at those who would like to be able to safely and effectively support colleagues, family, friends and others who are in distress or experiencing a crisis.

While this course does not train participants to be counsellors, the skills learned in the course can be applied in many contexts. It will provide participants with communication skills in active listening and reflection, effective questioning, and de-escalation techniques. 

Training that suits you 

Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury Sydney is committed to meeting the needs of organisations with customised training programs.  

In addition to our established programs, such as Accidental Counsellor and DV-alert, we also offer: 

  • Domestic violence awareness 
  • Mental health first aid  
  • Start the conversation (1-hour program). 

If the mental wellbeing of your employees, volunteers, clients and customers is your priority, speak to us about how we can tailor our training to your needs. 

Training that works 

Research tells us that employees are more likely to seek support from a work colleague than from formal support pathways, so it's important that employees have the basic skills and awareness to help. 

We offer a range of training programs that are based on our commitment to building strong, resilient and suicide-safe communities through evidence-based strategies delivered with empathy. Our courses are designed around the Recognise, Respond, Refer framework, and are designed for people with no pre-existing skills or knowledge. 

As a leader in crisis support, suicide prevention and community service for over 50 years, few organisations in our area can match our depth of experience when it comes to providing counselling and support services. Our training leverages this experience and knowledge, and our understanding of the broad range of challenges people are facing. 

Talk to us about what's important to your organisation, and together we can develop training that works for you and your organisation. 

'After the training, I felt more confident in my skills to support others in times of stress.
I understood the limits of my own boundaries better and the importance of self-care –
these skills will be useful in all areas of my life, both professionally and personally.'


If you'd like more information, would like to speak with someone about our training, 

or find out how we can tailor our courses to you, please get in touch.